PsExec (SysInternals) Execute a command-line process on a remote machine. Syntax psexec \computer ,computer ,. options command arguments psexec. PsExec — это утилита командной строки, с возможность вызывать в интерактивном режиме. ファイル パスに空白文字が含まれているアプリケーションは、 psexec \marklap c:\long name\app.exe のように二重引用符で囲んで. PsExec — это удобная утилита командной строки, с помощью нее можно запускать программы. Command-line utilities for listing the processes running on local or remote computers, running processes, rebooting computers PsExec is a free computer server utility that lets you execute Microsoft Windows Server processes on a remote system and redirect output to the local system. I am using psexec.exe to run programs in a different security context. However the programs start but it does not seem to be running in the specified security context. Is it possible to run a vbscript remotely with psexec? Normally the field of psexec calls for an exe file, so can this be changed or manipulated Inspired by my previous question here, I've been experimenting with PSExec. The goal is to trip off some fairly simple scripts / programs on one WindowsXP machine. When I try to PsExec to a remote machine using PsExec \machine -u domain\user -p pass PsExec shows the following error message: The handle is invalid. Couldn't. Buenas, en este post os vamos a hablar como registrar una DLL 32 bits en windows 2K8R2, y en un sistema 64 bits(W7,VISTA.). Es muy sencillo simplemente. I recently reformatted one of my computers and had forgotten to turn on Remote Desktop. Now I am trying to grab some files off that computer Solution: Personally if it is on the network and you don't want to do 50 things to get it to work use PWDman and change the password. As the local admin Hi, I have this code which runs sqlcmd and BCP out using 'runas'; however, the BCP does not wait for the sqlcmd to finish processing the stored procedure first. I have many scripts. After making changes, I like to run them all to see if I broke anything. I wrote a script to loop through each, running it on fresh.